• Accounting services for companies.

  • Accounting services for non-profit organizations (associations, foundations, unions, political parties, owners associations).

  • Accounting services related to a permanent establishment registered in Romania by a foreigner company.

  • Accounting services for foreign representative offices established in Romania.

  • Accounting services for freelancers and authorized professionals.

  • Accounting for merger and division projects.

  • Review of the client’s accounting records, verification and certification of balance sheet, including assistance for correcting the noted deficiencies.

  • Assistance for the establishment and reorganization of companies.

Accounting advisory

  • Our accounting services consist of:

  • Recording the documents according to the Romanian accounting regulations and to the requirements of the accounting policies of the companies.

  • Performing the Romanian six - monthly Accounting Report and the Annual Financial Statements.

  • Works of a fiscal nature, respectively tax setting out. preparation of all the tax returns in compliance with the local fiscal legislation.

  • Providing regular reporting to the client in terms agreed: Balance Sheet, Profit /Loss Statement, analytical accounts report/cost center report, open receivables and payables list, fixed assets register.

  • Consulting about the rules related to the primary documents (which are the documents legally accepted to be accounted for, according to the local legislation regarding the financial and accounting documents).

  • Assistance related to the accounting policy (depreciation method, valuation rules, provisions and accruals, claims, contingent liabilities, off-balance sheet items).

  • Advising about the annual physical inventory counting.

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